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About us

We are here to encourage you to tell your story. Jewelry is a conversation starter and could just lead you to making a new friend, hearing a story that inspires you, or finding a new piece you love and feel damn good wearing.  

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Our designs

Our feel good jewelry helps you feel like YOU. Home in the same clothes as the day before or out on date night, our beautiful + meaningful jewelry gives you that feel good feeling. 

Personalize something special for you or someone you love and want to share the feel good vibes with. 


Amanda Adams 


Orders + Shipping Information

We now have two shops. One has jewelry + more but items for sale change often. Our Etsy shop has tons of beautiful feel good pieces of jewelry that we regularly stock + custom options. 



Please enjoy this feature when your order is over $35. We ship our custom pieces First Class with USPS. 

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