Coziness For Mama & Baby

We all experience a slightly different form of motherhood which gives us each our very own style of it. Yet, in the end, no matter your style of motherhood, we all have somethings in common. The endless amount of love and the passion for our little ones to thrive. One thing I have learned since I started down the crazy journey of motherhood is that if I want my little one to thrive, I need to thrive. I challenge myself daily to be kind, brave, and simply the best human I can be so that one day my son may do the same. 
 TOM & ORROW brings a bit of coziness to mama & babe through out all stages and styles of motherhood so you can focus on the thriving. For yourself, then your little ones. Each of our products is designed to provide you with comfort so you can focus on the more important things, like getting the mascara or "magic wand" marks off your walls. 

To be honest, I am just WINGING IT
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