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embrace and remember whoever, whatever you love with our 'love you most' collection of beautiful handcrafted jewelry 

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“Anything is possible when you have the

About us

We are here to encourage you to tell your story. Jewelry is a conversation starter and could just lead you to making a new friend, hearing a story that inspires you, or finding a new piece you love and feel damn good wearing.  

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Our feel good jewelry helps you feel like YOU. Home in the same clothes as the day before or out on date night, our beautiful + meaningful jewelry gives you that feel good feeling. 

Our Etsy shop you will find a variety of of our designs made to order and ship typically within 2 business days. Necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

Mom, this one is for you! We design necklaces that can be pulled, tugged, hung on to by littles ones without worry of them breaking. You will find those in our Etsy shop as well! 


Stay here to shop our custom pieces. Visit our shop to see what is open for customizing this week. We have a variety of charms, necklace lengths, along with cuff bracelets and weekly featured designs to pick from. 




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