Something to tug, pull, and chew on besides your hair!

All mothers (& fathers) are all different from one to the next. Just as every human is. We all have your own rights and wrongs. Our own thoughts, ideas, and concerns. Yet, in the end, no matter your style of motherhood, we all have somethings in common. The endless amount of love, passion for our little ones to thrive, and that our little ones all pull our hair, put everything in their mouths, and tug on everything we wear! 

The tugging, pulling, and chewing is something fierce! This is why I have decided to create the TUG + PULL. No more broken necklace chains digging into your necks, slobber on your shoulders, and sticky little handfuls of your beautiful hair being pulled out. 

As far as our knits go. Being a mom as taught me to not make waves where there are none but to enjoy the calm & peaceful moments. I keep this in mind as I create each and every chunky knit so you can be ready to embrace the calm moments, cozy & peacefully. 

To be honest, I am just WINGING IT Life, Motherhood, my eyeliner, EVERYTHING

Warmest XO,

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