I have made jewelry since 2015 but my intentions and passion towards it have changed. I spent years in pain from what I was eating and slowly figured out what I could eat and how it felt to eat and not feel like I was dying. After having kids I realized how strong my body was. I learned a new love for myself. I learned to never let others' thoughts bring you down or get your off track.  Your thoughts, your goals, your mission are all there to help you to best self for you, your children, your family, and friends. I realized the difference between being your best self and trying to please others. 


Something small but something that made the biggest difference was getting ready. Adding some jewelry to my outfit whether it was spat up covered sweats or a fancy dress, I felt better with a dash of jewelry on. Slowly more women asked me about my jewelry and I switch back over to making jewelry once again. My home roots of creativity, my happy place. 


I do my best in designs, making, and being a businesswoman but my priority will also be my family. Being a mother and a wife comes first. My family and friends support me on this journey - thank you! I am grateful! 


All of you who have followed me through the years of jewelry, home decor, sewing, knitting, painting, baby goods, jewelry. I can not thank you enough! 


With all my heart I want all people to feel good in their own version of feeling good. Treat yourself to some jewelry to jump-start your feel-good days ✨ support your other women-run businesses along the way. Always be kind. And of course, tag us in your feel-good photos. 



Ps- Tom and Orrow originated from the word tomorrow. I had it in my head that there was always tomorrow. I’d start tomorrow...blah blah you know the drill. Well, I quickly learned that mindset was wrong for me, and Tom and Orrow reminds me to focus on today, the now, and embrace it.