We strive to provide women with feel good jewelry that helps them, that make them feel beautiful, make them feel put together even after not showering for days and being covered in spit-up, to make them feel empowered and supported.

Does jewelry even have the ability to do those things?

We know they do! Try them out for yourself! 

We encourage you to tell your story. Jewelry is a conversation starter and could just lead you to make a new friend, hearing a story that inspires you or finding a new piece of jewelry you love and feel damn good wearing. 

There are endless amounts of places to buy jewelry, heaps of people that make beautiful items and are passionate it about it like we are- props to all those people. Now back to us, this business is made with lots of coffee, spare moments, and late nights. I am a mother of 2 sassy boys that give me endless inspiration and drive. Each item is inspired by my boys, my moments with them, by my hopes and dreams for them. The jewelry you find here are ones I wear myself daily, truly love, and make myself. 



Our 'feel-good' jewelry helps you feel like YOU. Home in the same clothes as the day before or out on date night, our beautiful + meaningful jewelry gives you that feel-good feeling. 

Mom, this one is for you! We design necklaces that can be pulled, tugged, hung on to by littles ones without the worry of them breaking. They are a style saver and make you feel damn good about yourself. 

xox, Amanda Adams 

tom & orrow .  jewelry & more.

since 2016.