5 Things My Mom Was Right About

Happy Mother's Day to all you Mamas out there! To honor Mother's and all their gresatness, I thought I would share the top 5 things my mom was right about- ya know, to let her know she was right, yet again! 

1. Kindness- It is easier to be kind than not. My mom taught me to be kind to everyone. She always reminded me that we dont know everyones story or full story. 

2. You Do You- My mom never said this specifically because it has recently become a thing...my 15 year sister says this to me when I ask her opion on clothing. Probably my mistake to begin with since she things I am old! I am 27!! Anyways, my mom not only taught me to be myself but embrace the things that make me me. I remember in the begining of highschool I was shy about my creative skills. I hid the fact that I enjoyed art and actually was pretty good at drawing and painting. Once again, my mom was right. It is the things that make you different that MAKE you. Of course now I live by that. 

3. Honesty- I was not alway honest. In highschool I got in a massive amount of trouble and was grounded for 3 years of highschool- yup, 3 out of the 4 years! I was not allowed to stay out at friends houses all because of one lie...that was more like the truth but twisted a bit. Well that ended there. My mom taught me that it is better to be honest. HA- she actually told me I should be honest because being honest and getting into trouble is one things but lieing is an entirly different type of trouble. Honesty create trust. This little lesson changed our relationship forever! 

4. Positivity- My mom is annoyingly postiive about everything. She finds the good in black mold for goodness sakes! It is simply amazing. Her positivty, luckily, has been passed along to me. I have learned to find the good in 'most' situations and make the best of the not so fun changes that may occur in life. 

5. Family- Family comes first. She was right again. This is soemthing you hear al lthe time but do you really do it? When you are 15, nope- proabably not unfortauntely. I have a family of my own now and this has given me an enitrely different meaning to the phrase: Family first. My little one trumps anyone anytime, anyplace. This is one thing that I think can not be truly understood until you have your own child- birthed or adopted. Sory fur moms, I thought I understood it too until a tiny human appeared in my life! 

Typically I go to funny topics but today I thought I would get a bit emtional since we are talking about moms and all. Being a new mom has totally made me a softy. I cry during any show that has a child being born, says something mean to their parents, or adorably laughing. And guess what? I love it! 

Thanks mom for all that you havfe taught me- obviously way more than this short list! Happy Mother's Day to you and Happy Mother's Day to all you beautiful mams out there! 

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