• PREORDER the Silver Mother Necklace today!!!! 
    Comes with sterling silver beads, silver cording that won’t break when pulled and a beautiful sterling silver dipped clear crystal pendant. 
    The necklace is part of our clasp free, tug friendly collection. We have new pendant options in our Etsy shop! 
    It is made with the intentions of being around tiny humans and can handle being tugged, pulled, and held on to- even entertain during diaper changes!
    Simply slip it on and start your day! Goes great with yoga pants, sweat pants, fancy dresses, and ripped jeans. 
    Be sure to tag us on Instagram to show how you style your necklace.  
    This item is durable and will not break with a simple tug but it is not indescructable so please keep that in mind while wearing your necklace. Never ever leave your necklace with a child or use it as a toy. 
    We are not responisble for what you do, how you wear or use your jewelry.   
    Avoid wearing in water and please keep away from chemicals, lotions, and sprays. Wipe clean as needed.  
    Other stuff you should know: 
    • nuggets are gold plated brass • pendants vary in size and color 
    • the necklace strand is a gold colored cording is durable and a yellow gold color to ressemble the look of a chain.
    Made to order.

    Preorder Silver Tuggable Necklace -‘Mother’


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