• Treat yourself to a bundle of jewelry! Pick between 2-3 pieces or 4-5 pieces. Designs vary per box. 


    We will pick a variety of earrings. bracelets, and necklaces to include in each box.

    Amount in your box will vary off the designs inlcuded. We offer gold plated, gold filled items, rose gold, and silver. We will mark your pieces with the materials used so you know once you open your bag. 


    This is not a subscription. You may order as often or as little as you wish. No refunds or returnds please. Items included in these bundle bags are products that are previously made just for these bundle bags. 


    We ask you to inlcude:

    your initails

    favorite number

    favorite symbol

    favorite length of necklace

    birth stone 

    What would you say your jewelry style is? 

    Do you wear earrings?  

    What size ring are you?

    Do you prefer gold, silver, rose gold, or golf filled? (no promises here but we will do our best)

    Are you a fur mama, Mother of cute babies, or grandmother? 

    Please inlcude your answers in the personalized box so we can send you items that are meaningful to you. 


    As always we ask you to handle your jewelry with care. Items should never be worn in the water or slept in. To help your jewlery last, please wipe clean and sotre in a cool dry place like your closet on a velvet bag or velvet jewlery box. It really does make a difference. 

    Jewelry Bundle Bags

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